Sherlock vs. Doctor

Apparently there are many similarities between Moffat’s 2nd series of Sherlock and Moffat’s 2nd series of Doctor Who, specifically the final third (Reichenbach Falls for Sherlock, God Complex through Wedding of River Song for Doctor Who)
Is this on purpose? MAYBE!
Can we deduce the solution to the cliffhanger in Sherlock from it? I couldn’t thus far :/ Just very general ideas.
Well here goes:

  • Lots of references to water: Pond, River, fish (in Closing Time), lake, Brook, Falls, Jim the Fish, Henry Fishguard (anecdote from the beginning of 2×03)
  • Our protagonist (or, more precisely, near perfect person that we appreciate through the eyes of his accomplice) has become too big, too famous.
  • He then uses an opportunity (not one he created, it seems) to slip into the shadows, leaving people close to him unknowing (or so it seems) and mourning.
  • Before he ends it all he needs to break his accomplice’s admiration of him by telling them he’s just a mad man in a box who pretends to see facts written in front of his very eyes (though in the Doctor’s case he doesn’t claim to have lied)
  • He turns down a general offer for help (someone genuinely good offers help though not having any specific ideas) but then, on second thought, accepts it.
  • There’s a fair chance that the corpse is just Sherlock in a Sherlock suit.
  • And there’s that pesky repeating riddle hidden in plain sight. “I did tell you, but did you listen?”
  • All the mysteries in Sherlock 2×03 relate to fairy tales. “The Pandorica is a fairy tale” “Aren’t we all?”
    [Edit: AND the Doctor is Peter Pan, or at least a near miss for one. Posts in Hebrew about that]
  • The finalclimax scene, most of which is a dialogue about whether or not the protagonist should be killed (between them and a psychopath) (Yes, River is still a psychopath, at this point of her life she’s obsessed with a man she saw once. Okay, plus twice when she was little), takes place on a rooftop.
  • And the last person to talk to our protagonist was a (brownish) blonde 😛

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