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Doctor What Is It About

From a discussion about old fans belittling newer fans:
At the end of the day the show isn’t about allons-y-es or a man with a scarf or even the Daleks and Cybermen. This is a story about an alien who travels through space and time. Doctor Who encompasses every story you could write from that.
Some details became canon when they were shown on the telly, at least unless they interfere with the story, because Doctor Who is all about the stories about that mad man in a box.

And that’s it. That’s Doctor Who. Mad man in a box, next stop – everywhere and everytime.

No reason to hang on to a trait or an era.

The Saddest Ending

This speculation was originally posted on a thread on the saddest ending we could think of for Matt Smith’s Doctor.

He finds out that silence will “fall” on the “fall” of the 11th because his fall through the timestream has altered his face so badly, nearly showing his skull, and hurt his throat so that he looks like a Silent, sounds like a Silent, and is actually the inspiration for the Order of the Silence to mutilate their bodies so (they’re an order, not a species).
With his history with the Silence and the Whispermen, he screams.

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TARDIS vs. Clara

I have a theory about the TARDIS not liking Clara that could be interesting. Theory relevant to AFTER series 7 has ended.

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פיקניק דוקטור הו! Doctor Who Picnic!

(English below)

עוד שבוע זה קורה! פיקניק דוקטור הו לכבוד הקיץ, לכבוד עונה 7, לכבוד החדשות האחרונות..
יום שישי, 14.6, החל מ 10:00 בפארק הירקון בתל אביב (ליד רכבת האוניברסיטה)


למי שרוצה לעקוב אחרי אירועים וכדו’ יש רשימת תפוצה כאן: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/ildocwhoevents
מעט הודעות, בלי ספאם 🙂

English, for the local Brits and such 🙂

One week to go until the Doctor Who picnic – welcoming the summer, celebrating series 7, dealing with the recent news…
Friday, 14.6, from 10:00, Park HaYarkon Tel Aviv (near the University Train Station)

הפרדוקס היחיד שאין לו פתרון, ויש לו פתרון

English translation: below.

התאוריה מאחורי Wibbly wobbly timey wimey, שכתבתי עליה בנפרד, מכסה כל פרדוקס / “חור בעלילה” שמצאתי. זה לא כזה מופרך, פשוט רובם מניחים התקדמות לינארית מסיבה לתוצאה.. וכידוע, הדוקטור אמר..

חוץ מאחד.
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Power of Three – Ways to make it better

I think three (ha!) things would’ve made it a lot better: Continue reading


Hate and Monsters

Here is a fine example of my laziness. Why do I always write that long? I write whatever comes to mind. This isn’t thought put into posts, it’s laziness – I don’t feel like filtering them!

This review from That Guy With the Glasses kind of upset me, because while we both agreed that Love and Monsters was a bad episode, he spent 25 minutes breaking it down to its atoms and then mocking each one to prove his point. You can do that to any episode of any show and it’ll look bad. An episode should be judged first and foremost by the way it made you feel and react, and that’s IMHO what he’s missing – it’s not the parts of it that are bad, it’s the essence behind it. Here’s my reply on their site: Continue reading


Sherlock vs. Doctor

Apparently there are many similarities between Moffat’s 2nd series of Sherlock and Moffat’s 2nd series of Doctor Who, specifically the final third (Reichenbach Falls for Sherlock, God Complex through Wedding of River Song for Doctor Who)
Is this on purpose? MAYBE!
Can we deduce the solution to the cliffhanger in Sherlock from it? I couldn’t thus far :/ Just very general ideas.
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Power of Three – Random Comments

Some notes I took while watching. Note: these are even more random than usual because they’re pretty much unedited.

NOW I wish I’d asked matt that question!
[ If the TARDIS were to appear in your back yard, the Doctor popped out and said “leave your career, family and friends, come travel with me!” – after the awkward moment that would follow – would you? ]

Brian Williams vs Weeping Angels. FIGHT! Continue reading


Scary moment of the night

Scary moment of the night: Watching Torchwood: Something Borrowed, then noticing your arm looks like this.

יד - סימנים אחרי אימון

Pretty sure it’s from the martial arts practice I went to.

Pretty sure.


(To those who don’t know, I practice martial arts. This is from a tactical Arnis class)

(Disclaimer: During class I knew this was going to happen, could prevent it, chose not to in favor of learning better, and it doesn’t really hurt. Just in case this gets anyone scared of martial arts, it shouldn’t 🙂 )