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“When No Living Being … Fail[s] to Answer”

Let’s go back to the first question –

“On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a question will be asked.”

No living creature can speak falsely – due to the truth field. But fail to answer?
The Doctor has to answer according to the prophecy, so he has to give his name at some point, right? And he didn’t… Right? Continue reading


My TARDIS Materialises

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Model: Madmaxbeach off Thingiverse Print: Me On a printer in TAMI Jamming printer with blue PLA then fixing it and changing to black ABS, just because being the one who jams it twice the same way on the same night would be … Continue reading


Why is Donna Impossible and River Is Not?


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To Like One Doctor is To Betray Another

Short one this time. Title is a bit misleading – this is a reply to said claim.

Someone said that liking “11” feels like betraying “10”.

And I said: “It’s like saying that when you wear a shirt, you’re betraying your trousers”.

(They’re so different in motivation, character, intent etc etc that IMHO comparing them does them – and the show – injustice)


Fanfic #1

The story I wrote that won first place (out of 6 stories) at the Tapuz forum fanfic competition. The theme was “How the new Doctor met his new companion”. (After series 7, before we knew who the new Doctor is)

The original story’s tone is very local / Israeli, which is bound to be lost in translation, so if you can read Hebrew please read the original.

Link to Fanfic #2 (English translation) which was tied in 2nd place.

Hover over words in italics for explanations.

Translation is not yet final.
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Site update: New page with Doctor Who lyrics I wrote!

4 English 4-7 Hebrew as of now.

I am the Doctor.

Amidst all these serious posts looking into the show, analysing it, I thought I’d take a few pixels here to prove that


Doubtful, eh? I thought you would be. Well. Continue reading

Cold War. Just saying.

There isn’t much to this post other than marking things we may have forgotten about that episode –

Most importantly –


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Timey Wimey Big Bang

This was my reply to a question on The Big Bang in a Facebook forum, asking if the stars didn’t exist, how humanity was still the same even though we couldn’t, for instance, develop navigation with the stars without stars.

My answer:

Time was dying. It’s like taking parts out of history, while the rest of history is kept intact (though weaker and weaker until the universe will eventually collapse as there won’t be enough history left) Continue reading


Fanfic #2

Fanfic written for a contest in the Tapuz forum. The theme was “How the new Doctor met his new companion”.
It won 2nd place, tied with another story. My other story won 1st 🙂 (out of 6) [link]

Two thoughts crossed the Doctor’s mind simultaneously. “This is the last time I fix this circuit in the TARDIS.” And “hanging from the TARDIS in mid-air is scary, but falling off must be scarier.”
Right when that thought finished crossing his mind, he lost his grip. Continue reading