Can’t read Hebrew?
That’s alright. But you won’t be able to read most of this blog as I don’t plan to translate everything. (Have you SEEN the length of my posts about conventions?)

Posts you can read (English or without words)

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, though. I usually tweet in English.

I’m a Doctor Who fan from Tel Aviv, Israel. I like overthinking and analysing this amazing show. This blog consists of posts that I’ve written in various forums.

I also organise some of the Israeli Doctor Who activities, most notably the new annual convention, the “Bar Mitzva“, short for “Gay Gypsy Bar Mitzva (for the Disabled)” (reference) in November. Others include co-organising the evening gathering at HaTarnegol on May 2nd and the big Whovian picnic in June.
If you’re in Tel Aviv and want more details in English let me know through the comments or e-mail (bowties at are-cool dot net).
Press enquiries are welcome as well.

Haven’t had enough? Feel free to look through my Doctor Who Facebook albums. Yeah I’m showing off.

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