I am the Doctor.

Amidst all these serious posts looking into the show, analysing it, I thought I’d take a few pixels here to prove that


Doubtful, eh? I thought you would be. Well.

My name is Galia. While there is some semi-arbitrary reason behind is, “Galia” would be a nice way to commemorate, you know, Galia-frey.

I was born on August 20th. Who else was born that day? Here’s Who. From the old series, Sylvester McCoy, the 7th Doctor; Sophie Aldred, Ace, his companion (and her character, too); Anthony Ainley, the Master who faced them (among others). And a few people from behind the scenes.
In the new series, Barnaby Edwards, a Dalek operator, as well as David Walliams (Gibbis) and James Marsters (Capt. John Hart) and a few others.

So a Doctor, a companion, a Master and a Dalek.

I lived in London for 2.5 months before I was a fan. Of the entire city, I ended up living near Earls Court, where a police box was erected near the Underground station. I passed by a TARDIS at least twice a day and yet I can’t recall anything about it.
Someone went and put a perception filter on it, that works specifically on me – that is the only logical explanation.

My military service (Israel. It’s compulsory. Defensive role) was, on a daily basis, not unlike the way Matt’s Doctor operates his TARDIS in a way.

And if this is not enough –
When I was six I made up stories, as six year olds do. At the time, the Transformers were a big hit. My strongest, longest lasting story was that I can turn into a tiny truck, just a few millimeters long, and I would be inside it – it is BIGGER ON THE INSIDE.
The truck had many rooms. Other than just storage, there was only one notable room… the swimming pool.

I am the Doctor. I am stuck in a human body (and an odd one at that). I have a fob watch somewhere that I need to find, but my flat is in such a mess I couldn’t bother.


Last part about my flat – thanks to Bar Fischbein.
The comment about my human body being odd – it operates differently. Medically. Professionals have been perplexed over the way my arms operate, for instance (they really have!). Doesn’t that sound like someone constructed this human body a bit too hastily?

EDIT: AND I live near a blue phone box. The phone itself, a regular pay phone, is blue though they are normally orange and very scarce.
Not uploading a photo for privacy reasons.

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