I am the Doctor.

Amidst all these serious posts looking into the show, analysing it, I thought I’d take a few pixels here to prove that


Doubtful, eh? I thought you would be. Well.

My name is Galia. While there is some semi-arbitrary reason behind is, “Galia” would be a nice way to commemorate, you know, Galia-frey.

I was born on August 20th. Who else was born that day? Here’s Who. From the old series, Sylvester McCoy, the 7th Doctor; Sophie Aldred, Ace, his companion (and her character, too); Anthony Ainley, the Master who faced them (among others). And a few people from behind the scenes.
In the new series, Barnaby Edwards, a Dalek operator, as well as David Walliams (Gibbis) and James Marsters (Capt. John Hart) and a few others.

So a Doctor, a companion, a Master and a Dalek.

I lived in London for 2.5 months before I was a fan. Of the entire city, I ended up living near Earls Court, where a police box was erected near the Underground station. I passed by a TARDIS at least twice a day and yet I can’t recall anything about it.
Someone went and put a perception filter on it, that works specifically on me – that is the only logical explanation.

My military service (Israel. It’s compulsory. Defensive role) was, on a daily basis, not unlike the way Matt’s Doctor operates his TARDIS in a way.

And if this is not enough –
When I was six I made up stories, as six year olds do. At the time, the Transformers were a big hit. My strongest, longest lasting story was that I can turn into a tiny truck, just a few millimeters long, and I would be inside it – it is BIGGER ON THE INSIDE.
The truck had many rooms. Other than just storage, there was only one notable room… the swimming pool.

I am the Doctor. I am stuck in a human body (and an odd one at that). I have a fob watch somewhere that I need to find, but my flat is in such a mess I couldn’t bother.


Last part about my flat – thanks to Bar Fischbein.
The comment about my human body being odd – it operates differently. Medically. Professionals have been perplexed over the way my arms operate, for instance (they really have!). Doesn’t that sound like someone constructed this human body a bit too hastily?

EDIT: AND I live near a blue phone box. The phone itself, a regular pay phone, is blue though they are normally orange and very scarce.
Not uploading a photo for privacy reasons.

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  1. Minor addition:
    People talk to me about Doctor Who with NO TRIGGER FOR THAT ON MY BEHALF. I’ll mention science fiction and they’ll say Doctor Who.
    I’m not talking convention geeks. Someone did that in a technology conference (I’m a freelance programmer) when I talked about web technologies and gave the Israeli conventions’ technology as an example for something with CMSs. Within TWO sentences the chat turned to Doctor Who, even though he isn’t even that much of a fan.

    Or my mother’s neighbour. I don’t even know her. We happened to walk in the same direction, and during small talk she mentioned the word “geek”. I said that she must be one of us and she said “Yes! Doctor Ho!”

    I never mentioned the name or even the medium of television in these conversation.

    But the universe converges around me having conversations on Doctor Who.

    There must be a reason.

  2. Replying to my own post again, yet another proof – I’m bigger on the inside. That is, I can stretch and become 8-10 centimetres taller – the difference between being pretty short and slightly taller than average.
    That’s because of my flexibility, as mentioned in the post.

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