Cold War. Just saying.

There isn’t much to this post other than marking things we may have forgotten about that episode –

Most importantly –


It’s the cold war. A soviet submarine. A guy there can’t just listen to western music and get away with it (unless they’re tired of the cold war themselves but they evidently are not)

Then this is either a mistake, or something else, or the TARDIS translating cultural references into other cultural references.

Remember the film “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”? We do eat meatballs here but it doesn’t quite have the same cultural weight here as it does in the US. The title was translated into “Rain of Falafels”. While this is funny, it’s also a good one! Falafel is far more common than meatballs here.
This is what the TARDIS is doing. Maybe.
Translating the name of some soviet performer into “Duran Duran”.

Other points to keep track of:

The Doctor loses a Barbie doll. The Doctor gets it back and is quite content. What?
Though that could just be a reference for Rose returning.

And the sonic had a red setting. So does the sonic on the poster, so does River’s sonic.

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