Power of Three – Random Comments

Some notes I took while watching. Note: these are even more random than usual because they’re pretty much unedited.

NOW I wish I’d asked matt that question!
[ If the TARDIS were to appear in your back yard, the Doctor popped out and said “leave your career, family and friends, come travel with me!” – after the awkward moment that would follow – would you? ]

Brian Williams vs Weeping Angels. FIGHT!

Now we know how Rory forgot his phone charger at Henry VIII’s ensuite (and why he didn’t just go back for it)

“You were first faces i saw” child / parent complex again. Also what a way to make someone feel not important on their own merit.
[ That was more of a note to myself. They keep switching roles, the Doctor and Amy. This is how a baby animal of.. some sort? gets attached to its mother ]

“(Kate) We’ve got backups” yet she’s ready with a torch!

“Not if you count the inside” – 12 then.
[ Number of sides cubes have – the Doctor claimed they have 7 ]
[ Plus, there’s a mathematical definition fo– oh, alright. ]

The cubes were there for 9 months – they needed to see a baby fully form?
[Edit: apparently not. Keep in mind that these are the raw notes from DURING the first viewing]

Did Brian see the silence in that hospital corridor? (“Silence” sound followed by a weird cut)

Rory – dying runs in the family.

And okay, at least I’m not too nerdy for thinking of math powers all along.
ever since they announced the title my head was going “3, 9, 27”

Wait wait wait –
They did all this playground photoshoot we saw photos of for 2 seconds of footage for the actual episode??

[ After I finished watching I turned on the light and it’s flickering again. IT HAS TO BE THE FITTING ]
[ I turned it off and then on again. The bulb is lit. THE ROOM IS STILL DARK ]
[ I cooked something in the microwave, and the timer is still paused. From yesterday. On ELEVEN. ] [ It’s okay, I’m better now ]

Edit: Also, the theme this time was squares. Circles in episode 1. Was there any other games with shapes in the other episodes?

Edit: I need to check how many Twitter accounts the cubes got (after the quote about them in the episode)

Edit: I HAD to ask?? https://twitter.com/search?q=ReplaceASongTitleWithCube And it’s TRENDING!


No blinking lights!
The opening theme is dark, I don’t know it it’s darker
No classic music again! (though there is some in-show music)
No clapping again!
[Edit: themes other fans and I thought were recurring]


And then I found these at my flat:

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